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Is an American crime comedy, directed and written by Quentin Tarantino, alongside Roger Avary, who wrote the background radio dialog.  It was produced by Lawrence Bender.  Released in October 23rd, 1992.  It is now a cult hit, the directorial debut of Tarantino.


Eight men, all under colorful pseudonyms, eat breakfast in a Los Angeles diner.  As they finish their breakfast, they discuss the subliminal message in Madona's song, Like a Virgin.  One of them, Mr. Brown, discusses his point that it is about a woman who has sex with a man with a rather large penis.  As he makes his point, their boss and organizer of the heist, Joe Cabot, flips through an old phone-book, trying to recall a friend's name.  Tired of hearing his rambling on, Mr. White, takes the book.  He gets up to pay, and asks them to chip in on the tip, all are willing, except Mr. Pink.  Who says that he doesn't believe in it, Joe goads him into it, saying that he paid for his meal, being the only reason Pink tipped.  They then hit the road.

Some time later in the day, Mr. White drives toward the rendevous, with a badly injured Mr. Orange in the back, bleeding from a gun shot.  They arrive, and are soon are met by an angered Mr. Pink.  White tries cooling him down, and Pink convinces him that they have a rat in the house. They become suspicious of each other, and they reach each others limit, but their fight is broken up by Mr. Blonde.  They point fingers at each other, but Blonde eases their worries by informing them that Nice Guy Eddie will soon arrive.  Both worried, Blonde reveals that he took a cop hostage, in order to ensure his escape. They soon beat on him, but Eddie soon arrives, and brings their attention to the cars in the parking lot, Pink, White, and Eddie take to the cars, leaving Blonde with the cop.

Shortly after they leave, Blonde begins to torture the cop, but before he can burn him, Mr. Orange, barely alive shoots him out, Blonde dies in the corner, and Orange reveals that he is an undercover cop.

The story then cuts to a restaurant months earlier. Orange, whose real name is Freddy Newandyke, arrives to a fellow cop friend, and informs him that he has just been hired by Cabot for a heist.  Holdaway helps him prep for their bust, giving him a decent enough back story for Orange.  He practices it, and is hired for the job.

The story cuts to a car crash, the car being driven by a fatally shot Mr. Brown, is coming from the failed heist.  Cops arrive, but White shoots them out.  The car rammed into another car has no chance of freeing, so they leave it.  They attempt to carjack a mother, but she shoots Orange down, White pulls her out, revealing the second scene of the film's cause.

The story cuts back to the warehouse, White, Pink, and Eddie arrive, and see Blonde dead.  Eddie, out of rage kills the cop, and just then Joe arrives.  Convinced that Orange is the rat, White defends him and a Mexican Standoff erupts between White, Joe, and Eddie.  Pink, scared for his life, takes cover under the ramp, surviving the shooting.   Pink looks over the scene, and takes the diamonds running out.  White attends to Orange, who reveals he is a cop, just as backup arrives.  With this, he kills Orange and is shot out by police.


The film was received fairly well, it holds a rating of 8.4 on IMDb, and on Rotten Tomatoes, it holds a 96% fresh rating.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times rated the film a two and a half star rating, saying that "[Tarantino] has an idea, and trusts the idea to drive the plot."

It also ranks No. 97 in Empire's Greatest 500 Films of All Time.

Video GameEdit

In early 2006, a video game based on the film was released on XBox and PlayStation 2.  Amoungst all of the voice actors, Michael Madsen was the only original cast member to return.


The film was praised by audiences, and is considered a cult hit.

The film has many comparisons to the foriegn film, City on Fire.

Mr. Pink's FateEdit

Much controversy has stured over Mr. Pink's fate, but it has been confirmed by Tarantino in video commentary, that after Pink got out of the warehouse, police arived, and shot him, car doors are then heared shutting, confirming his arrest.

Who Shot Nice Guy EddieEdit

Another hot button, was who shot Nice Guy Eddie during the stand off.  Chris Penn has often said, that his squid went off prematurely.  He brought the error up to Tarantino, but Tarantino decided to leave it in for the fans.


Pink = shot Eddie, to make off with the diamonds

White = to protect Orange

Orange = to save himself

Police = to make the bust successful, or accidentally